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When you attend the MetaLife workshop, we’ll run two sets of tests (Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Health Analysis) that give us a picture of your overall health. This will also help us determine if you have Metabolic Syndrome.

Body Composition Analysis

INBODY® Body Composition is the most advanced BIA body composition analyzer on the market. It performs 7 key tests in only 45 seconds! This measures:

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    Muscle Mass
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    Body Fat
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    Obesity Analysis
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    Water Distribution
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    Body Weight
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    Visceral Fat
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    Basal Metabolic Rate
Download a Sample Report Here!


Metabolic Lab Profile (Skin Prick Lab Test)

You will also receive a Metabolic Lab Profile as a part of the workshop. This is a skin prick test that takes seconds to perform and measures the below markers.

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    Hemoglobin A1c
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    C-Reactive Protein


More About Metabolic Syndrome
Find out at our workshop if you have metabolic syndrome
It’s an Epidemic

Metabolic Syndrome is an epidemic in the United States, present in approximately 33% of the adult population and the risk increases with age.1

Can be Changed by Diet and Lifestyle

Metabolic Syndrome is commonly caused from a sedentary lifestyle and/or a poor diet.2

Increases Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes

If you have Metabolic Syndrome, your risk of heart disease raises by almost 2x and diabetes by 3x.3

Includes These Common Symptons

Increased thirst, increased urination, fatigue and blurred vision are all common symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

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2. Kaur J (2014). “A comprehensive review on metabolic syndrome” CARDIOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE 2014: 943162. doi:10.1155/2014/943162.PMC 3966331. PMID 24711954.
3. Ford, Earl S. “Risks for all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes associated with the metabolic syndrome a summary of the evidence.” Diabetes care 28.7 (2005): 1769-1778.